My friend told me I should blog. My response: “I don’t even like tweeting, it’s too permanent.” I don’t recall ever having a thought and thinking ‘Oh that needs to be written on a website for everyone to see and saved for all eternity.’ 

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been told I needed to start a blog. And this wasn’t the first time I contemplated actually following through.  But let me tell you – committing is a big commitment.

I had finally committed to considering committing to this blog idea and then became slightly deflated when I – prior to conceding – asked, “What would you call my blog?”

Her answer: “Scribbles.

Did I just read that correctly? Scribbles? I’m not a terribly serious person and people gauge that within two minutes of meeting me, but I thought ‘scribbles’ was setting the bar pretty low for a blog. I tend to Google everything – as you’ll (hopefully, if I stick with this) come to learn – so much so that the search engine has turned into a verb for me. Therefore, the only logical next step in my mind was to Google the definition of ‘scribbles’ so I could tell her all the reasons this was a terrible word to describe what I planned to do with my blog.

scrib·ble1  ( /ˈskribəl/ ): write or draw (something) carelessly or hurriedly; (informal) write for a living or as a hobby.

Well sh*t, well played. Skribel it is.

I reserve the right to suck at blogging. But I vow to do my best to entertain you with my stories as an often-adrift twenty-something (because no blog like that exists yet).


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